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Despite Injury and Setbacks GT3 Cup Challenge Driver Mosing Continues to “Drive Himself Happy”

Jeff Mosing’s passion for Porsche and racing shines in the eyes of the Austin, Texas-based driver. Just one mention of motorsports and Mosing’s face begins beaming with joy.

The IMSA driver drives the No. 56 Murillo Racing Porsche Cayman in the Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge ST class and also competed in the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge USA by Yokohama this season before a back injury sidelined him.

After the multiple car crash in his Porsche GT3 Cup car at Watkins Glen International in early July, Mosing fractured his vertebrae and learned he would have to sit out from that series for the rest of the season.

“I was struggling to just have enough energy and hold the pain off,” Mosing said. “It’s extremely difficult – I’m very passionate about what I do. In the GT3 Cup series there’s so many great teams and people in the series. It’s fierce competition, but at the same time, everyone was reaching out asking how I was doing and saying they were missing me on the grid.”

Mosing started his racing journey after subbing in for a friend who had signed up for the Skip Barber Racing School but couldn’t make it at the last minute. At the time, Mosing was raising children and dabbled in several other racing series before joining IMSA.

“Going from club racing to professional racing – the level of technical execution is just truly professional and amazing,” Mosing said. “IMSA does a great job and really does things well. From the broadcasting to the production level – it’s all top notch.”

Despite his injury, he is still able to drive with his brother, Brent Mosing, in the IMSA Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge ST class, along with Eric Foss – the Mosing brother’s co-driver.

“Brent has always been a big influence on me and my automotive adventures – everything from restoring cars to working on them,” he said. “Now that my brother and I race together, we see each other and hang out together all the time.”

“The Porsche GT3 Cup car and the Cayman are very different cars. Porsche GT3 Cup was always on my mind. I couldn’t believe there was a series that was spec and all these cars would run against each other. I was attracted to it because it’s about the drivers, not about who can spend the most money to go faster than someone else.”

As a kid, Mosing’s first ride in a Porsche was his best friend’s father’s Porsche 928 GTS. Coincidentally, his Porsche is the same color as that Porsche all those years ago.

The Louisiana native moved to Austin, Texas, in 2006 and owns a car dealership there. Mosing has around 17 Porsches – his 911 GT3 Cup car, nicknamed Trixie, is one of his favorites.

Mosing raced with TOPP Racing, under the direction of Todd Opperman, before his injury.

“Todd is so professional, but he’s also laid back and he makes weekends fun,” Mosing said. “The series is just a complete blast.”

“I finished Conti [Continental Tire Championship] race at VIRiginia International Raceway in August, and I couldn’t wait to watch the GT3 Cup race. I used the IMSA app to keep me updated throughout the race. VIR is one of my favorite tracks and it was hard to sit on the sidelines. Porsche makes everything sealed and legal – the racing is always close. It’s one of the most fun series I’ve ever been involved in.”

Last year, the Masters class driver placed in the top 10 overall in the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge USA by Yokohama series.

“I love jumping around on the podium like an idiot,” he said. “I tried so hard to finish in the top five, but I have to keep reminding myself that these youngsters finishing ahead of me are going to go on to become factory drivers and I feel flattered to even be able to give them some competition.”

As Mosing continues to heal, he is hoping to compete in both IMSA series again in 2018 – and is aiming for a top-five finish overall.

“I was concerned about my wife, Yuliya, worrying about me after the crash, but she has been super supportive about my decisions to continue racing,” Mosing said. “She’s always been supportive and that goes a long way in a marriage.

“All of this – my injury and setbacks – just motivates me harder to try to get into a car. I’ll be healthier and stronger than ever!”

In the meantime, Mosing will continue to compete under his own personal slogan – “Drive yourself happy.”

Source. LST Marketing


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