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Two wins and a third place in the second VLN race for Mühlner Motorsport

After the very successful season opener two weeks ago at the Nürburgring Nordschleife, the team around Renate-Carola and Bernhard Mühlner was able to beat the result with two wins and a third place in the second round of the VLN season.

Second start and second win with the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup Gen II

This time Mühlner Motorsport entered two H&R supported 911 GT3 in the Cup2 class.

In the Qualifying Tim Scheerbarth was able to put the #124 on Pole Position, while Moritz Kranz in the #123 ended up in P3.

During the whole first stint, the leading group of three cars were within a few seconds until Scheerbarth in the #124 came a lap earlier to the first pit stop and Michael Heimrich took over. One lap later Marcel Hoppe got behind the wheel of the #123 and was able to extend the lead over the rest of the field before Scheerbarth did the final stint. So Hoppe / Kranz / Scheerbarth were able to secure the second win in the second consecutive race of the 2018 VLN season!

The 911 GT3 Cup #124 with Heimrich / Hoppe / Scheerbarth took a solid fourth place after a faultless race in which Hoppe took over the 911 for the final stint.

Bernhard Mühlner: “We are very pleased  with these very good results and we will work hard to keep the momentum going for the upcoming races.”

A win and another Podium of the Juniors in the Cayman GT4 Trophy Cup3 class

The qualification of the two MABANOL supported Caymans in Cup3 ended with mixed feelings for Mühlner Motorsport. Moritz Kranz was able to put the #969 on pole by a big margin, while the #979 had a big accident at “Flugplatz” and the experienced mechanics of the Mühlner team were very busy to repair the car in time for the start of the race.

Michael Rebhan was able to take advantage of the pole position and stayed in the lead with the #969, while the starting driver of the #979, Felix Günther, made a promising start to catch up after beeing on the end of the entire field, since the car was not qualified at all due to the accident.

As the team had its two Caymans on different fuel strategies, Rebhan and Kranz, the latter one already drove the start with the 911 #123, were running just 6th in the Cup3 class, due to an early pit stop, until all competitors made the final pit stop and the #969 took over the lead and extended the gap to finally 59.89 seconds.

The junior drivers delivered an impressive catch up throughout the whole race, so that P3 was a well desevered result for Sascha Köhler / Felix Günther / Timo Mölig. With now two third place finishes on the podium, the juniors are in close distance to the leaders of the Porsche Cayman GT4 Trophy.

Bernhard Mühlner: “We are very happy with the win of the #969 and the second consecutive podium finish of our junior drivers in the #979. Especially after the accident in Qualifying P3 is an outstanding result.”

Source. Mühlner Motorsport


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