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Christina Nielsen, Ebimotors Team Finish Sixth at the 24 Hours of Le Mans

Danish driver Christina Nielsen, along with the Ebimotors race team, finished her third consecutive 24 Hours of Le Mans on Sunday, working her way up to a top-5 position during her final stint before the team concluded the race with a sixth-place finish. She, along with co-drivers Fabio Babini and Erik Maris, raced the No. 80 Porsche 911 RSR throughout the day and nighttime sessions, maintaining a top-10 position throughout each of their stints to finish with a solid result in the GTE-Am category.

Nielsen had a special weekend at the Circuit de la Sarthe. As a Porsche Selected Driver for North America and the only female racing in a field of 179 other racers, she was also the starting driver for the Italian Ebimotors squad. She drove the car from its seventh-place starting position, and as the three endurance drivers cycled through each of their stints, she brought the Porsche 911 RSR as high as fifth place. Considering that she didn’t have the opportunity to drive the car and gain valuable experience during the official test day, the team’s finishing position in a field of 13 GTE-Am category cars is a great achievement for both Nielsen and for Ebimotors after the team’s first 24 Hours of Le Mans race.

“Le Mans is always very special, and I feel lucky that I got to do it once again,” Christina said. ”This was definitely a weekend I learned a lot from. The team learned new things and improved, and I feel that I improved compared to the last two years. I still have things that I would like to build on. Le Mans is the type of event where there’s always something that you want to come back to work on. We finished in sixth today, which is really not so bad compared to how we started the week. I was actually pretty happy with the finish.

“The drivers’ parade was, as usual, very cool!” she continued. “It was great to see all the Danish fans out here and feel the support. The race itself was mega. It was very cool that I got to start for the team and have added that to my experience. Hopefully, I’ll be back next year, and I’ll give it another shot.”

Source. Christina Nielsen


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