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Harper, Perez and Dockerill head scorching Porsche Carrera Cup GB Snetterton practice

Soaring temperatures dominated Friday’s Carrera Cup GB practice sessions at Snetterton where the top six drivers were separated by less than a second. Championship leader Tio Ellinas (Slidesports Engineering) topped the morning session, but 17-year-old Porsche GB 2018 / 2019 Junior Dan Harper (JTR) set the fastest time of the day in the second session, which saw track temperatures climb to a searing 48 degrees.

While Harper and Ellinas were the only drivers to lap under 1:51secs, several rivals kept them well in sight despite the unusually hot conditions challenging competitors. JTR team mates Tom Wrigley and Lewis Plato, and Amigos Team Parker team mates Seb Perez and George Gamble were all closely matched – in the combined Practice classification all six were covered by less than a second. Of the Pro-Am drivers Perez was chased by Jamie Orton (JTR) and Esmee Hawkey (GT Marques) in a battle that involved almost all of the drivers in the category.

The Am category remains closely fought. In the combined standings the fastest driver in Practice at Snetterton, Iain Dockerill (Asset Advantage Racing), lapped just 0.014secs quicker than Peter Kyle-Henney (IN2 Racing) with rival Peter Mangion (Team Parker Racing) just 0.225secs further back. In both sessions championship newcomers Valentin Hasse-Clot (Motorbase Performance) – Pro, Jake Giddings (Welch Motorsport) – Pro-Am, and Dan Kirby (GT Marques) – Am, each impressed as they quickly adapted to driving in the Carrera Cup GB.

Session 1 – 09:00 to 09:45
Track temperature: 32.2 degrees
Championship newcomers Valentin Hasse-Clot (Motorbase Performance) – Pro, Jake Giddings (Welch Motorsport) – Pro-Am and Dan Kirby (GT Marques) – Am were amongst the first drivers on track at the start of the session
Lewis Plato (JTR) sets the early pace in the Pro category, Seb Perez (Amigos Team Parker) in Pro-Am and Kirby in Am
Championship points leader Tio Ellinas (Slidesports Engineering) is the first driver to set a representative time, moving to P1 overall with a 1:51.745
17-year-old Porsche GB 2018 / 2019 Junior Dan Harper (JTR) moves into P2 in Pro, Tom Wrigley (JTR) P3 – 0.329 covers the trio
With 15 minutes of the session complete, Pro-Am is led by Seb Perez (Amigos Team Parker) with Jamie Orton (JTR) P2 and Giddings P3
In Am Peter Kyle-Henney (IN2 Racing) sets the pace, Peter Mangion (Team Parker Racing) occupies P2, Kirby P3
With 20 minutes of running complete, most cars return to the pits for routine checks and tyre changes
The second half of the session initially sees just a handful of drivers improving; Dan Vaughan (Motorbase Performance), Kirby, Shamus Jennings (G-Cat Racing), Gary Eastwood (G-Cat Racing) and Richard Hawken (Slidesports Engineering)
With 15 minutes remaining 20 of the 23 cars are on track with rising temperatures – track temp now stands at 36.7 degrees
With less than 10 minutes to go Plato moves into P3 in Pro behind leader Ellinas and Harper
Pro-Am is led by Orton, with Perez second and Vaughan third
Am is headed by Kyle-Henney with Kirby second, Mangion third
Towards the closing stages improving drivers are Plato, Kirby (now P1 in Am), Esmee Hawkey (GT Marques) and David Fairbrother (Slidesports Engineering)
Just moments from the end of the session Rookie George Gamble (Amigos Team Parker) moves into P2 overall, 0.225 behind Ellinas
In Pro-Am Justin Sherwood (Team Parker Racing) moves to P2 in category
On his final lap Plato records the second fastest overall time, 0.044 off leader Ellinas
Pro: Ellinas, Plato (+0.044), Gamble (+0.225)
Pro-Am: Orton, Perez (+0.176), Sherwood (+0.354)
Am: Kirby, Kyle-Henney (+0.362), Mangion (+0.538)

Session 2 – 13:40 to 14:25
Track temperature: 48.3 degrees

The first runners on track in each category are Pro: Valentin Hasse-Clot (Motorbase Performance), Pro-Am: Seb Perez (Amigos Team Parker), Am: Peter Kyle-Henney (IN2 Racing)
Scorching track temperatures (48 degrees) are considerable warmer than the morning session making for challenging conditions
Lewis Plato (JTR), Hasse-Clot and Dino Zamparelli (Redline Racing) – in that order – lead the Pro-category runners early on
Newcomer Jake Giddings (Welch Motorsport) heads Pro-Am, Iain Dockerill (Asset Advantage Racing) leads Am
With half an hour of the session remaining the red flag comes out to recover a stricken vehicle to the pit lane, the green flag is shown after a five minute break in the action
Amongst those drivers to improve are Am runners Shamus Jennings (G-Cat Racing) and Dan Kirby (GT Marques)
With 20 minutes of the session remaining a second red flag is flown to enable the recovery of a vehicle, the track reopens just a few minutes later
With 15 minutes of running remaining, Tio Ellinas (Slidesports Engineering) heads the Pro category from Plato and Hasse-Clot
Dino Zamparelli (Redline Racing) posts a time good enough for P2
In Am a battle develops between Peter Mangion (Team Parker Racing), Kyle-Henney and Dockerill who are ranked in that order with less than 10 minutes remaining
Giddings moves into P5 overall to become the top Pro-Am runner, but category rivals Esmee Hawkey (GT Marques) and Jamie Orton (JTR) also improve
Times tumble at the top of the timesheet with 17-year-old Porsche GB 2018 / 2019 Junior Dan Harper (JTR), Tom Wrigley (JTR) and Tio Ellinas (Slidesports Engineering) trading fastest times
In the very final moments of the session Harper records the quickest lap of the day to snatch P1 overall
Pro: Harper, Ellinas (+0.186), Wrigley (+0.384)
Pro-Am: Perez, Orton (+0.455), Hawkey (+1.117)
Am: Dockerill, Kyle-Henney, (+0.014), Mangion (+0.269)

Qualifying for round nine will take place tomorrow between 14:30 and 15:00, with drivers fighting for the two points awarded in 2018 for the fastest time posted in each category over the course of the session.

Source. Porsche


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