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Porsche heads into a new era with the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship

Porsche believes in the future of Formula E. The Stuttgart sports car manufacturer will be there when the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship kicks off the 2022/2023 season, showcasing a new era with the further evolved racing cars of Gen3. With its official registration, Porsche underlines its commitment to Formula E and its philosophy to lay the foundation for future mobility solutions through the development of electrically-powered racing vehicles.

“The new racing car generation Gen3 opens the next chapter in the success story of Formula E. And we want to be part of it,” says Fritz Enzinger, Vice President Porsche Motorsport and Senior Vice President Group Motorsport Volkswagen AG. “With our entry in 2019, we made a clear commitment to Formula E. From our point of view, it offers the most competitive environment to advance the development of high-performance vehicles with a focus on eco-friendliness, energy efficiency and sustainability. The previous season confirmed this, despite the raft of pandemic-related restrictions. The successes in our debut season with two podiums and a pole position are just the beginning.”

“Ahead of another important technical milestone for the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship, I’m glad that Porsche has committed to the next era”, says Jean Todt, President of the FIA. “Being lighter, more powerful, with faster charging, the Gen3 race car will further establish the discipline as the pinnacle of electric racing. It’s also the confirmation that Formula E is the right platform to promote manufacturers expertise in electrification and demonstrate our shared commitment to more sustainable mobility solutions.”

“We are delighted that Porsche is committed to a long-term partnership with Formula E,” says Jamie Reigle, CEO of Formula E. “Porsche’s presence within Formula E is immense and they’ve demonstrated they will be a driving force in our development. We’re looking forward to collaborating on Gen3, with the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship remaining a proving ground for their next generation of race-to-road electric vehicle technology.”

The Gen3 racing cars are a technical milestone in the evolution of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship. They bring advantages in terms of performance and effectiveness as well as better overall cost control. The performance has also significantly increased compared to this season’s Gen2 cars. In qualifying mode, 350 kW are available instead of the previous 250 kW. In normal racing mode, it is 300 kW (previously 200 kW). The cars feature an electric all-wheel-drive braking system, with which energy can be recuperated even more efficiently – up to 600 kW on all wheels.

Formula E sets new standards in motor racing with ultra-fast-charging pit stops, where the Gen3 vehicles are recharged with up to 600 kW. This innovation not only makes races even more gripping. Beyond sport, the reduction of charging times is an important argument for the acceptance of electric cars for everyday use and thus contributes significantly to advances in electric mobility.

Porsche was involved in the discussions about the Gen3 regulations right from the start. “It was important for us that the DNA of Formula E, which has made the championship so successful, was preserved. That’s happened. At the same time, we see potential to take Formula E to the next level from a sporting and technological point of view,” says Fritz Enzinger. “So we regard it as an interesting challenge to actively shape the successful future of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship and thereby to give electric mobility another boost on a global level. We look forward to the new Formula E era.”

Source. Porsche


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