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Hat-trick of Porsche Carrera Cup GB podium appearances for Toro Verde GT at Snetterton

After a positive, point scoring weekend at Knockhill last time out, Toro Verde GT headed to Snetterton in Norfolk for rounds nine and ten of the Porsche Carrera Cup GB season at the weekend (August 13/14). In a continuation of good form, the team made three podium appearances, with Angus Whiteside moving up into fourth place in the Pro-Am category. 

Joining the team at Snetterton was current British GT Championship leader Ian Loggie, turning his first laps in the series in the Slot Masters Porsche 911 GT3 Cup car, competing in the Am category.  After minimal testing and two Friday practice sessions around the three mile circuit, it was a steep learning curve for the Scot.

The GT racer found it challenging to adapt to the difference in braking in the Porsche compared to his usual car, but managed to qualify third in class. After struggling with qualifying at Knockhill, Angus headed into the session determined to make amends, and, despite the hot conditions, crossed the line third in Pro-Am and 11th overall to take his highest grid position of the season so far. 

In a busy opening lap of the 40 minute race, both Angus and Ian dropped back one position respectively. Hot on Nathan Harrison’s tail, Angus was fighting to close the gap and retake 11th. Despite good pace, he couldn’t get close enough to make a move, and crossed the line 12th overall and third in class for his third podium appearance of the season. Further down the field Ian was aiming to pass Nigel Rice after being beaten off the start line, before contact between the two sent Rice into a roll, bringing out the safety car. When racing resumed after the recovery of Rice’s car, Ian was running third in class where he finished, making a podium appearance on his debut outing. 

After the incident earlier in the day, race two was a struggle for the British GT Championship leader. Unable to get involved with the other Am drivers ahead, who have had most of the season to familiarise themselves with the car. However, Ian finished the race 19th overall and third in class, bringing home more silverware.

It was a tough start for Angus in the close mid-field pack, as Charles Bateman made up two places off the line, dropping him down into fourth in class. With cars falling into position for much of the rest of the race, Angus was determined to make it back into podium contention and continued to close the gap to Bateman ahead. Making the move on lap nine, Angus made it past and up into third in class where he crossed the line but, despite finishing third on the road, he received a post-race position penalty for contact during the pass on Bateman, meaning he was classified fourth.  

Despite the setback, Angus continues to show great progression in every session, with Toro Verde GT making positive strides in its championship efforts. The team now has a week off before heading to Thruxton for rounds 11 and 12 of the Porsche Carrera Cup GB season over the weekend of August 27/28.

Angus Whiteside, #52, Pro-Am

G1 – 3, R1 – 3
G2 – 3, R2 – 4

Championship: 4 (43 points)

“I managed to get my head in the right place before qualifying, so I was just trying to plug away at the time every lap. The first half of the session wasn’t great because it still takes a long time for the tyres to switch on, even though it was so hot outside, so I had to keep pumping the brake. Every time I drove past the guys showing me the board, I kept thinking ‘that was a good one, let’s do even better.’ I managed to go third fastest in class and 11th overall, so I was super happy with that. 

“In race one the start was a little bit rubbish because I had [Matthew] Graham in front of me, who hesitated off the start, so I did the same, which I shouldn’t have done. I was down one spot off the line but then into turn three I managed to get it back and then sat there the whole race. The car behind me went off after the Safety Car under the bridge, so after that, it was all about trying to get the guys in front.

“Race two was one of the hardest I’ve done so far. I got hit into turn two, couldn’t stop the car and went wide. Micah Stanley got me into turn four, so then I mimicked his move on the following lap on the next Pro-Am car which got me up into third. After that, it was plain sailing, but I had a few lock ups on my front right, so getting the car turned into a left hand corner was really hard work. We have a test day at Thruxton and I’m sure driving a Porsche around there will be absolutely ridiculous, so I’m excited to see what it’s like.” 

Ian Loggie, #6, Am

G1 – 3, R1 – 3
G2 – 3, R2 – 3

“Qualifying was a baptism of fire for me, as I had only been in the car a couple of times prior to the weekend. The refinement on the brake is a big change, because I’m used to driving cars with ABS. The Cup cars are really amazing, but for a newcomer, if I can call myself that, it takes a little bit of getting used to. 

“I had expected to qualify much better, so I was a bit disappointed with where I was going to be starting the races. I was even more disappointed when we got to the race and I got beat off the line, because I haven’t done a standing race start in the last ten years. Nigel [Rice], who was a little bit slower, got in front of me off the line, so I had to try and put pressure on him which ended with us touching and his car going into a roll. 

“On the lap before the incident happened, we had contact when he came alongside me. After that he was making defensive moves and a lot of mistakes. On the next lap, I made it look as though I was going to do the same move as before but didn’t follow through. Nigel defended, I kept the right line and he got out of shape, letting me get a run up beside him. Once I’m there I wont give up, the corner is mine and it should have been up to him to back out. After that, my car was done and had zero pace. At one point I thought it would be best to retire but I decided to keep going because I was third in class, and a trophy is a trophy. 

“In race two we really struggled with the pace. After the incident in race one we had a lot of understeer and right from the outset from corner three, I knew I was never going keep up with the two other Am category drivers that I was racing. We live and learn, and overall I really enjoyed my weekend with the team.” 

Jules Westwood, Team Manager

“We had a great weekend at Snetterton. Angus is getting better and better and he’s always a pleasure to run. It’s great to see when he gets the results that he deserves. Ian definitely enjoyed being in the car, but race two was tougher after the contact in race one. We didn’t have enough time to check the full settings on it, so it was less enjoyable to drive. But generally as a team, we had a positive weekend and it’s great to keep making progress.”

Source. Torque


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