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Richard Lyons signs for a second season with Craft Bamboo Racing

press frontRichard Lyons has signed for a second season with Hong Kong based Craft Bamboo Racing for the 2016 GT Asia series. After a tough and hard fought season in 2015 with Craft Bamboo Racing, Lyons and Yu are out for blood this coming season.

Craft Bamboo Racing have a change of technical partner for 2016, they will be welcoming Porsche into the fold. Porsche’s 911 GT3 RS will be Craft Bamboo’s weapon of choice for GT Asia. The 911 is an excellent piece of engineering and a formidable machine on track, with its 4 litre, flat-6 naturally aspirated engine pumping out 500 + horses on it’s way to smashing 200mph.

GT Asia’s campaign is set to be played out over four countries, twelve rounds, six world class circuits and in the most challenging of conditions. The tracks on the 2016 campaign trail include China’s Shanghai international F1 circuit and the world famous Fuji international Speedway in Japan.

Richard Lyons

“It’s Fantastic to be joining Craft Bamboo Racing for my 2nd Full time season in the ever growing GT Asia Championship. This will be a big year for us, with changing to the new Porsche 911 GT3 RS. I’ve already completed some laps in Europe in the new car and it promises to be really strong. It’s also great to be in a team that has one of the strongest engineering bases which will be critical having to learn the new 911.

We have high expectations going into the season but we have to keep our feet on the ground to see what the competition brings. In any case we’ll be coming out of the box and raring to go flat out! ”

GT Asia 2016 Race Schedule

Round Circuit Date

1&2 South Korea International 13-15/5

3&4 Burriram, Thailand 10-12/6

5&6 Okayama, Japan 1-3/7

7&8 Fuji Speedway, Japan 15-17/7

9&10 Shanghai International, China 2-4/10

11&12 Zhejiang Circuit, China 21-23/10

Source. RL Motorsport


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