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Carrera Cup Deutschland Victory for Schmidt, Müller retains championship lead

M16_1230Jeffrey Schmidt from Switzerland has won round four of the Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland. On the Hockenheimring Baden-Württemberg, the 22-year-old pilot relegated Christian Engelhart (D/MRS GT-Racing) and Porsche Junior Dennis Olsen (N/Team Lechner Huber Racing) to positions two and three on Sunday. “We didn’t start the season very well so I’m all the more pleased with my win today, and I’m also thrilled for my team, the newly-founded Lechner Huber Racing. The race seemed to go on for ages because when you’re alone at the front you have a thousand thoughts going through your head,” said Schmidt after he leapt out of his Porsche 911 GT3 Cup and, with a wide grin and full of elation, even clambered onto the roof.

Spectators were treated to a race with gripping fights for positions and a clear winner. As soon as the lights went off, Schmidt got the jump at the line and immediately past pole-sitter Engelhart. “On Saturday and again on Sunday I had a problem with my start,” explained Engelhart. “I can’t explain it; I’m actually really good at starts. The team and I need to analyse this.” The seasoned specialist from Germany was able to hold on to his second place, while two Porsche Juniors Sven Müller (D/Konrad Motorsport) und Dennis Olsen (N/Team Lechner Huber Racing) delivered a spirited duel behind him. In lap three Olsen got past Müller, who then tried repeatedly to overtake him over the 18 laps – with no success. “Unlike Sven I had fresh tyres and I could overtake easily. My goal was then to keep him behind me and that worked very well,” said Olsen.

Earning three victories, Müller still retains the lead position in the overall classification with 74 points after four of 16 races. “My victory and a fourth place earned me some crucial points this weekend. I was running on fresh tyres today so I didn’t have the pace at the beginning,” analysed Müller. Behind him on second place in the standings is Engelhart with 63 points, followed by Olsen (56) who also leads the rookie classification. In the category for amateur racing drivers, Wolfgang Triller (Team Huber Lechner Racing) from Germany currently ranks first.

The next race weekend of the Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland will be contested from 20 to 22 May on the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg.

Result race 4:
1. Jeffrey Schmidt (CH/Team Lechner Huber Racing)
2. Christian Engelhart (D/MRS GT-Racing)
3. Dennis Olsen (NOR/Team Lechner Huber Racing)
4. Sven Müller (D/Konrad Motorsport)
5. Nick Foster (AUS/KÜS Team75 Bernhard)
6. Luca Rettenbacher (A/Konrad Motorsport)
7. Nicholas Yelloly (GB/Rookie Team Deutsche Post by Project 1)
8. Marek Böckmann (D/KÜS Team75 Bernhard)
9. Ryan Cullen (GB/Konrad Motorsport)
10. David Kolkmann (D/Rookie Team Deutsche Post by Project 1)
11. Wolfgang Triller (D/Team Huber Lechner Racing)
12. Wolf Nathan (CH/Team Huber Lechner Racing)
13. Ricardo Flores Ramirez (PE/MRS GT-Racing)

Points’ standings after 4 of 16 races:
Driver classification
1. Sven Müller (D/Konrad Motorsport), 74 points
2. Christian Engelhart (D/MRS GT-Racing), 63 points
3. Dennis Olsen (NOR/Team Lechner Huber Racing), 56 points

Rookie classification
1. Dennis Olsen (NOR/Team Lechner Huber Racing), 56 points
2. Luca Rettenbacher (A/Konrad Motorsport), 46 points
3. David Kolkmann (D/Rookie Team Deutsche Post by Project 1), 36 points

Amateur classification
1. Wolfgang Triller (D/Team Huber Lechner Racing), 80 points
2. Ricardo Flores Ramirez (PE/MRS GT-Racing), 52 points
3. Wolf Nathan (NL/Team Huber Lechner Racing), 34 points

Team classification
1. Konrad Motorsport, 120 points
2. Team Lechner Huber Racing, 105 points
3. KÜS Team75 Bernhard, 81 points

Source. Porsche


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