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Close duel for the Porsche Supercup lead: Just six points between Müller and Cairoli

M16_4035The Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup contenders are picking up the pace in the final sprint: In Monza at the third to last race fans can look forward to a gripping fight for the top overall spot. A mere six points separate the two Porsche Juniors Sven Müller (D/Lechner MSG Racing Team) and Matteo Cairoli (I/Fach Auto Tech) after seven of ten races. Müller currently ranks first in the overall standings with 119 points, with Cairoli following a close second with 113 points. Sitting third behind the pair is Porsche Junior Mathieu Jaminet (F/Martinet by Almeras) with 94 points. Both Müller and Cairoli have three victories each to their credit so far. Jaminet has claimed the top podium spot once.

Cairoli took home race honours from Barcelona, Monaco and Hockenheim. In Spielberg the Italian was excluded initially from the classification after his vehicle was found to be non-compliant with the regulations, however in the subsequent appeal process his points were reinstated. At Silverstone the 20 year old clinched third. Müller has won the rounds at Spielberg, Silverstone and Budapest and secured third place twice. However, the 24-year-old German fluffed the Monaco qualifying and had to take up the race from the back of the grid. In the race, Müller managed to overtake many vehicles and earned five points for eleventh place.

In free practice on the high-speed circuit of Monza, Cairoli was first with 1:52.614 minutes. Müller turned the nineth fastest lap with 1:53.708. The qualifying on Saturday will certainly be exciting.

1. Matteo Cairoli (I/Fach Auto Tech), 1:52.614 minutes
2. Mathieu Jaminet (F/Martinet by Almeras), 1:53.078 minutes
3. Mattia Drudi (I/Dinamic Motorsport), 1:53.202 minutes
4. Robert Lukas (PL/Förch Racing by Lukas Motorsport), 1:53.300 minutes
5. Michael Ammermüller (D/Lechner MSG Racing Team), 1:53.444 minutes

Standings (after 7 of 10 races)
1. Sven Müller (D/Lechner MSG Racing Team), 119 points
2 . Matteo Cairoli (I/Fach Auto Tech), 113 points
3. Mathieu Jaminet (F/Martinet by Almeras), 98 points
4. Michael Ammermüller (D/Lechner MSG Racing Team), 85 points
5. Jeffrey Schmidt (CH/Lechner Racing Middle East), 78 points

Source. Porsche


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