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TeamTGM Completes Successful Roar Before The 24 Test

teamtgm-roarTeamTGM completed the Roar Before the 24, a three-day test at Daytona International Speedway over the weekend with positive results ahead of the opening event of the 2017 IMSA Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge season at the end of the month.

Full season drivers Ted Giovanis and Guy Cosmo were joined by Hugh Plumb, who will team with TGM for the two endurance races at both Daytona and Mazda Raceway.

Despite surprisingly cold and challenging wet conditions through the second half of the weekend, the team morale remained high with positive spirits and all aiming for consistent results.

Warm weather and sunny skies graced the first day of testing, giving TeamTGM the opportunity to test the track limits and make necessary initial adjustments to the car. The team took full advantage of the ideal track conditions to make progress with the setup of their new Cayman GT4 MR, an upgrade from the Cayman ClubSport that the team raced in past seasons.

The combined efforts of each driver earned the second quickest lap time by the end of the first practice session, just three tenths off the fastest GS time. After completing 116 laps in three days, the TGM team was among the top-three on the time charts.

TeamTGM is confident in its equipment and its testing results throughout the weekend, and looks to be a top contender for a win at the end of the maiden Daytona four-hour event on January 27.

The four-hour BMW Endurance Challenge will take place on January 27 as part of the annual Rolex 24 At Daytona event.


Guy Cosmo: “I think that we are doing a good job of maximizing what we are doing and we are certainly among the top cars out there. We are dealing with a lot more of a known quantity with the Porsche Cayman even though the GT4 MR is a new car and it is very similar to the Club Sport that we have been racing. I feel we are a team that is at a stage that is pretty maximized on the equipment that we have and how we are using it.”

Hugh Plumb: “I think the test for TGM is going really well. We have a lot of talent, a lot of enthusiasm and the willingness to win. Ted Giovanis has brought a lot of talent together here with his whole team. We have had a lot of great success here at Daytona. We can win Daytona at the end of the month. I want to thank Ted Giovanis for giving me this opportunity to be a part of a great organization.”

Ted Giovanis: “I think that both Guy (Cosmo) and Hugh (Plumb) have got the cars set up pretty well and I think that is going to be key. I think we are learning the differences between the platforms between the true GT4 and the GT4 MR car and the ClubSport. We are trying to make decisions about which one is better where. We’ve been continuing to make improvements through each session.”

Source. Sunday Group


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