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Flying Lizard Motorsports Reveals 2017 Porsche Clubsport Liveries

flying-lizard-3The sports car racing world is no stranger to the Flying Lizard Motorsports livery. The red and silver lizard head became an iconic symbol in the 2000s as the team won multiple championships, and even competed internationally at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Just in time for the Pirelli World Challenge season to begin, Flying Lizard Motorsports has revealed the 2017 liveries for their two Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport MR race cars in the Grand Touring Sedan (GTS) class.

Rodrigo Baptista’s No. 3 Clubsport will sport the red and silver livery in its traditional format, with a silver base over the wheels and on both doors, topped off with the red Lizard emblem. The colors are inverted on the rest of the car, with a silver lizard on the red hood, and red rear bodywork.

Young American driver Nate Stacy has always stood out from the field, and not just because of his talent behind the wheel. For the majority of his career, Stacy has featured bright green in his car liveries, making his vehicles easily identifiable as he competes on track. Tying together his signature colors and the tradition of the Flying Lizard livery, Stacy’s No. 14 Clubsport will feature a black Lizard head on top of a green hood, and green rear body work. The doors and front wheel bodywork will be black with a green lizard on both sides.

“We’ve always been proud of our unique livery and logo,” said Program Manager Darren Law. “To be able to continue to have it adorn our cars in our customer racing program is important to us. Even with the unique changes, it still invokes a sense of pride and reminds our competitors who we are.”

The two car GTS effort reunites the Lizards with Porsche Motorsport North America (PMNA), exclusively becoming a part of the North American Young Driver Development program. The program will provide young drivers the opportunity to develop their race craft and compete on a professional level within the Pirelli World Challenge

Source. Flying Lizard Motorsports


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