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Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge USA Driver Levitas Reflects on Father and Son Journey in Owning Race Team

When it comes to racing, nothing makes it more special than when it’s not just a career or passion, but also a family tradition. Earnhardt, Rahal, Unser and Force, to name a few, are families who have been in racing for decades as the tradition and love for racing continues to be passed down.

Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge USA by Yokohama driver and TPC Racing team owner Michael Levitasis another father who has passed his love for racing down to his son, Harris Levitas.

“My son was born into racing,” Michael said. “By the time Harris started talking, he was already in the seat of a race car.

“Now, fast forward to today with TPC Racing customers – I throw him in the seat of any of these Cup cars and he drives really great, because he spent his life debriefing race cars. Racing is in his blood and I believe he’s passionate about racing the way that I am.”

Harris’ involvement with TPC Racing started back when he was 12 years old when he would take notes during the races for drivers. Harris now helps with managing Jessup, Maryland-based TPC Racing operations, logistics and sales. He also fills in for TPC Racing driver clients during endurance races at Porsche Club of America (PCA) Club Racing events.

“TPC Racing sprung out of my love affair with Porsche race cars,” Micheal said. “I was right out of college and I was doing work for different IMSA teams. I went to an aviation university in Daytona Beach so I basically got hooked and now, everything that we do is oriented around racing.”

The father and son duo recently started a second company centered around his passion for Porsche cars – DSC Sport – which builds computer hardware and software that adjusts a car’s suspension.

“I dabbled around a lot with different code and with computers, but I was not from the hardware engineering side,” Michael said. “My background was in aviation and then I transferred that to car racing. I met really great people from the racing industry and those friends helped me design the computer hardware programing for DSC Sport and I took over from there.”

While Harris doesn’t directly work on Michael’s car for TPC Racing, they still spend a lot of time together.

“I am with my dad pretty much every day of the week,” says Harris. “It’s a fun business, and it’s a lot of fun being with my dad and watching him grow as a driver.”

Michael dabbled in multiple racing series before joining IMSA. His GT3 Cup career started around 2001, when he got two cars out of Germany.

“The GT3 Cup car was the beginning of getting really serious about racing Porsche cars and for me personally, it was just magical,” Michael said. “I was able to showcase the experience and the knowledge that I had and I learned so much more. That’s the thing I really love about the racing – the challenge and how much you have to learn. At every race, you have to be game because someone is always going to try harder.”

In 2013, Michael was crowned the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge USA by Yokohama Gold Cup champion. He finished in second place the next year in the Gold Cup.

“In IMSA, the highs are so high and the lows are so low,” Michael said. “When you’ve been kicked in the teeth hard enough, you have no idea how far it really goes. I’ve been up at The Glen where I have lost four cars in one weekend. And then I’ve been on top of it where you’re winning a championship. But for me, I love both the highs and the lows.”

The father and son team will have a well-deserved weekend off to celebrate Father’s Day, but then it’s back to business with a PCA event followed by an IMSA event the last two weekends in June.

Source. LST Marketing


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