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PCA Driver Isringhausen’s Luxury Car Dealership Turned Powerhouse Sports Car Racing Team

Isringhausen Motorsports is an integral part of the paddock at many Porsche Club of America (PCA) Club Racing events throughout the year. The sports car team – a branch of Isringhausen Imports based in Springfield, Illinois – usually has anywhere from four to six cars at each event.

Geoff Isringhausen, owner and manager of the luxury car dealership, said his love affair with Porsche started in 1989 when his business first got its Porsche franchise.

“It was a real thrill for us that we had the great privilege to represent this great brand that we truly love,” Isringhausen said.

He started coming to track days about 10 years ago in PCA’s high performance drivers’ education (HPDE). Since then, he’s been a familiar face at many PCA events each season.

“Once we were more proficient in HPDE, we saw the race cars and we decided to take that next step,” said Isringhausen. “We started racing with Porsche Caymans. It’s a car we understand and we love the way they handle. It’s also a car that we have acquired some knowledge of and have enjoyed some success with. Harold Petit, Jr. won the PCA National Championship in GTB1 driving with Isringhausen and BILT Racing Service last year. I ended up third in the Championship. We are both in the hunt again this year!”

Most recently at Road America’s The Road America Challenge (TRAC) event, the powerhouse racing team had five cars, ranging from rookies to the 2016 Pirelli Triple Trofeo and PCA Championship winner – Petit.

Isringhausen Motorsports owns two large transport trucks that go from race to race across the country, plus a driving coach, and Gold Certified Porsche Technicians from his store – the highest level of qualification awarded by the manufacturer.

“We have all the Porsche diagnostic equipment and tools at each event, so we can keep the cars running and on track,” Isringhausen said.

Isringhausen runs in the GTB1 class, but he also recently started to run in the GTD class with a Cayman GT4 Clubsport.

“This all started with me wanting to experience a Porsche on the track,” Isringhausen said. “I brought out a street car and a technician. Then over a couple of years, I got more interested and bought a fully prepped race car. It was just me back then. But since then, I have met people at the track and in our showroom. It has been gratifying to introduce new people to racing. Porsche customers visiting our store are frequently intrigued by the race cars they see around. This can lead to helping them get on track and some have moved from track days to full racing.

“Porsches are such exciting cars and just a step above the rest. Part of my collection includes a 1989 Targa, a Gen 1 997 GT3RS, plus a few others. My every day car is a Panamera. They are all a blast to drive.”

Isringhausen’s son, Geoff Jr., is also a seasoned PCA Club Racing driver. His journey with racing started when he did his first HPDE at Blackhawk Farms Raceway in a Cayman S with the Chicago Region Porsche Club.

“I knew it would be fun, but it was such a different type of fun,” Isringhausen Jr. said. “The gentlemanly-ness of PCA and the respect you get from other drivers – we really appreciate that and that’s why we still race in PCA.”

Recently, the young driver has sold a Cayman GT4 and a Cayman R to customers he met at the track who were looking to fulfill their Porsche itch.

“We really are passionate about Porsche and we love helping customers get the car of their dreams,” he said.

Isringhausen team driver Kevin Maxim is enjoying his second year racing in the GTB1 class. Maxim placed third in Sprint 2 and second in the enduro at Road America earlier this month in his No. 18 entry.

“I love the competitive nature of it,” Maxim said. “My first race was at Watkins Glen International in 2016 and now I’ve competed at iconic tracks like Sebring, Road Atlanta and Road America.”

Maxim bought his 2014 Boxster from Isringhausen Imports and got into HPDE before starting to compete in PCA Club Racing events.

“I’ve met a lot of friends through PCA,” Maxim said. “I talk to fellow racers from across the country on Facebook or text, it’s great. You get to get out of your normal, real world stuff and come out here to race, and it’s amazing.

“It’s bucket list stuff for me! I love the tracks – you see the tracks on TV with NASCAR, IndyCar and Formula 1 and then you actually get to go out there and drive on them. Watkins Glen is my favorite and Road America is a close second.”

“We have the opportunity to get all of the new Porsche cars and to see the newest, latest and greatest stuff. It’s been a dream come true,” Isringhausen said. “Our dealership team is all Porsche enthusiasts – we truly love the product. Porsche instills a lot of passion in all of us and that transfers to our business.

“Porsche Club Racing has been really fun. I’ve met so many great people attending racing events. We love talking racing, talking cars – some of these people become friends and customers, and it’s just been a win on every level.”

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