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Goetz Labels Porsche Club of America (PCA) and PCA Club Racing His ‘Escape’

John Goetz jokingly blames his wife for his Porsche and Porsche racing addiction – crediting her for pushing him to find an outlet that lets him escape his high-stress professional career.

“When we were living in London years ago, my wife and I were deciding between three different sportscars [an E-Type, a Porsche 911 and a Mercedes 280 SL] and we weren’t sure which one we wanted to purchase,” Goetz said. “I happened to meet a collector that had owned all three.”

“He asked me, ‘well do you want to drive it?’ I looked at him sort of stunned and I said, ‘well of course I want to drive it.’ He then asked me, ‘no, do you really want to drive it?’ and I said, ‘yes, I really want to drive it.”

“He said that we didn’t have any other choice but to buy a Porsche 911 and so we bought a 1982 911SC.”

“That got me thinking about the mechanical excellence of Porsche and it really set me off on this journey – not only is this a beautiful car, it’s a mechanically excellent car too, and that is the fascination that I got into.”

After purchasing the 911, Goetz bought his second Porsche a 1979 930 Turbo in 1999.

“I’ve had a very intense professional career and my wife has caught me ‘timesharing’ in our conversations, at times. For those who are in similar high-stress positions, they understand what I am saying – we really can’t escape our thoughts.”

“In 1999, my wife approached me and asked me what I would do if I had more time for myself? I thought about it and I said that I wanted to take my 1979 Porsche 930, this beast of a car, up to Limerock. [Without hesitation] she said, ‘do it.’ I blame her for my racing addiction.”

PCA Club Racing and the Trophy East Series has been a refuge and resource for Goetz, physically and emotionally.

[When you’re racing] there is but one thing on your mind, it’s what you are doing in that very moment. If you mind strays, then you’re in the wall – so there is an incentive to keep your mind focused on what you’re doing, in that moment.”

“It is the focus itself that helps me most – it’s the focus and moment of escape and clarity. It’s almost like you’ve been cleansed, you’ve gone somewhere else [in your mind.] In addition, I’ve had the pleasure of racing with some really wonderful people over the years. Some of my best friends have come from my PCA experience. Dan Jacobs and the Hairy Dog team are more than my support team. I believe, personally, that PCA Club Racing has a real staying power.”

“If you just come to win, then I don’t believe you have the same experience as you would if you come with a passion for the car and the friendship,” Goetz said. “Winning is a bonus.”

Since his first purchase in 1985, Goetz has gone on to purchase a number of Porsches.

“My first true race car was a 993-Cup; which, I still have and love. Then I raced a 996 and then a 997 and then a 991. I really do enjoy Porsche – particularly old 911s and Turbos. So I have a number of those cars.

“I highly recommend PCA Club Racing, and particularly Trophy East- it is an opportunity of a lifetime.”

Source. Klipsch Marketing


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