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Daniel Storkersen’s 2019 season gets off to a great start

The 2019 season is off to a great start as I am settling into a new team with an incredible new car, the Porsche 911 Cup car.

The immense preparations and hunger for success will result in a triumph this season, as can be seen from my very first seconds out on track.

I am now better prepared and more motivated than ever. Besides physical and mental training, I have also ensured that I get more time on track in all types of conditions with a variety of different cars.

I am very pleased and thankful that I get so much professional help and coaching from Earl Bamber Motorsport. I will work hard to ensure that I bring success to this team as they are doing the same for me. We will achieve greatness this year.

Sepang training (19 Feb – 21 Feb)

In February I had a couple of training days with Earl Bamber Motorsport in their Porsche GT3 car (Gen I).
This was a great introduction to both the team and car. The week at Sepang helped me get ready for my first race in the new car.

Thailand Super Series Round 1 (19 April – 21 April)

Thailand Super Series/Porsche Sprint Cup was the first race of the season. This was also my first time driving the amazing Porsche 911 (Gen II). We were happy with the results as my co-driver and I achieved a comfortable 2nd place and 4th place in the 2 races.

The races are 60 minutes long with a driver change after 30 minutes. I hope that my co-driver, Ahmad F Alam and I continue to see similar results while working on winning the championship.

Silverstone 24 hours race (26 April – 28 April)

This April I got the opportunity to drive the 24 hours of Silverstone with Team Greenpower. I was a really exciting race with 100 cars at the starting grid.

We saw much close fighting during the whole race. The results were not the best, this was due to an engine failure early during the night. It took the mechanics more than 2 hours to change the engine. But we were happy that we managed to get to the checkered flag.


May is a month without any planned races so this is a time for hard sponsor work, training, and observation before a busy month in June. I will attend local events and races to improve contact relations.

June is a month full of travelling. I will travel to Thailand for round 3 and 4 of Thailand Super Series. This race will be held at Chang international Circuit in Buriram. This is a known circuit for me which means we should be strong and see good results.

Later in June, I plan to travel to Japan with the team, Earl Bamber Motorsport. This is the week of the 4th round of Porsche Carrera Cup Asia at Fuji. I hope to help the team out as much as I am capable of.

Source. Daniel Storkersen


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