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Isaac Tutumlu Carries Out His First Test For The GT Open

Tutumlu_Mugello_testIsaac Tutumlu y Barzani Racing Team completed their test with the upgraded Porsche 997 GT3 R at the Mugello race track, already thinking ahead to the upcoming 2014 season in the International GT Open. The main objective is to fight for the Super GT title.

Isaac Tutumlu and Barzani Racing Team carried out their first test, taking place at the Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello, for the International GT Open yesterday. After confirming a second season in the European GT championship with Autorlando Sport and teaming up with Matteo Beretta, Tutumlu –  Spanish of Kurdish roots- travelled to Italy to test the new upgrades brought to the Porsche 997 GT3 R on the spot, always with a clear objective in mind: to win the European GT title.

“We have tested the same GT3 car but with improvements to the suspension and traction control. After introducing these improvements, it took time to adjust and make them work properly, but at the end I set fastest time for Autorlando Sport, knocking over a second off other cars´ time. It is remarkable because drivers like Alessandro Balzan were attending this test, and they are always quick!”, the winner in the Spanish Iber GT last year said. He concluded by saying that “It is likely we will carry out another test in April, before the first meeting to be held in Nürburgring, next May, because we have in mind new upgrades such as engine and aerodynamic improvements. We want to challenge GT2 cars for the title in the Super GT class, as it is our goal. I felt very comfortable once again at the wheel of a Porsche car, despite I had not driven this vehicle since November. Lately my experience was with Lamborghinis and the Oreca LMPC, but this test gave me grounds for hope”.

Source: CTR Press


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