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Richard Lyons GT Asia Round 8, Shanghai International Circuit Preview

craftbamboowebshanghai-3-of-3The final race of GT Asia for 2016 gets underway in Shanghai this coming
Wednesday and Thursday. While not in the title hunt, there is still plenty to prove for
Lyons and Yu.

Its been a tough rollercoaster transitional season for Lyons and Craft Bamboo
Racing, bedding in and getting to grips with a new machine was never going to be
an easy task. Lessons have been learned and information gathered all season long
to prepare and help form a solid base for the coming seasons.

The Shanghai International Circuit has hosted GT Asia multiple times, and all the
teams will be very familiar with the 5.45Km stretch of Chinese asphalt and will be
looking to have one last great performance to close out the calendar.

Richard Lyons:

“A return to Shanghai for the final rounds of the Championship gives us another
chance to reach the Podium. It has been a character building year so far, and
perhaps we under estimated the challenge of changing our manufacturer this year.
However, we have shown flashes and glimpses of good speed all season, and feel
each race meeting that we get closer to matching our competitors.
The race schedule has been moved to Wednesday and Thursday with both races
on the latter. This means a compacted itinerary with plenty to get through, but I
know our team can handle it. Also exiting news of our new partnership with Shang
Peng which will see a new car design as well as new race suits. I’m hoping this will
be a kind of lucky charm in our fight for victory!”

Source. Richard Lyons


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