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PCA Club Racing Newcomer Sweeps Weekend in Big Easy in GTC4 Entry

Drivers endured muggy temperatures and several rain showers while competing over the weekend in the Big Easy for the 2017 PCA Mardi Gras Cup at NOLA Motorsports Park, hosted by Mardi Gras and Whiskey Bay Regions.

In the GTC4 class, PCA Club Racing newcomer Barry Bell won first overall and first in class in his No. 49 GTC4 entry in Sprints 1 and 2 and the enduro.

“I’ve been in PCA for a few years, but this is my first PCA race,” Bell said. “My father raced Porsches when I was a kid and I always grew up around them. When I could afford some, I started buying them and now I have a little collection. My brother and I picked up a Cup car and we’ve been racing that since January – but NOLA marks my first PCA race.

“This event was fantastic. Everyone was so polite and gracious and helpful. This track is beautiful, plus you don’t get a lot of six-gear straights in a Cup car. Quirt Smith Racing did a great job. We’ve been here since Monday racing hard and they did a great job setting up the car.”

Event chair John Crosby had a busy weekend. Not only did he plan the event, organize PCA volunteers and put on multiple driver socials, he also competed at the event in his No. 47 NOLAsport Cayman GT4 Clubsport.

Crosby swept the weekend in the PCA Club Racing Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport Trophy East series gaining three first-place finishes in the series’ Masters class and two wins in the Championship class in Sprints 1 and 2.

“We really want to thank all of the racers for coming to New Orleans,” Crosby said. “We want all of these racers to come back next year! We have a great town – a lot to do and I think everybody enjoyed themselves.”

It was a family affair at NOLA Motorsports Park for PCA Club Racing enthusiasts Todd, Rachelle and Mitchell Butaud. Although they enjoy bonding and spending time together during these race weekends, you can definitely feel the competitive vibes in this family – especially between husband and wife!

Following some bad luck with his car this weekend, Mitchell co-drove in the 90-minute enduro with his mom Rachelle Sunday morning in her No. 228 SPB entry.

“I drove the mandatory 15 minutes and the second that pit open sign came in, I bailed,” Rachelle said. “Then he got to do 75 minutes in the car.”

The mother/son duo ended up getting second in class in her Spec Boxster. Mitchell’s dad Todd placed third in class in his No. 061 entry, but he was convinced if his wife was in the car the entire race, the results would’ve turned out differently.

“If Rachelle was driving the whole enduro, I would have come in second and she would’ve come in third,” Todd joked.

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